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The doctor recommended 7 foods to eat when having a sore throat.

Waking up in the morning and feeling a dry, sore throat, or difficulty swallowing is a scary feeling, even if eating something at that time doesn’t seem appropriate. But it’s important to recharge when you’re sick. This is much easier if you choose the right foods for

5 Healthy Root Vegetables It is advisable to add it to the diet.

Eating a healthy diet is important for overall well-being. and including root vegetables in your diet. It might be an important change. Because these root vegetables have many health benefits. These nutrient-rich vegetables have many health benefits, from stimulating immune function. To promote heart health, here are 5 root vegetables

15 Supplements “Iron” Prevent “Anemia”

There are many factors that can cause anemia. Sometimes there is a lack of certain nutrients. especially iron It can also cause anemia. Let’s get to know iron supplements that can help you in this regard. Anemia means According to the US Dietary Supplements, as of 2001, iron deficiency anemia is

7 benefits of garlic properties clearly

Garlic is one of the most useful plants. It’s good to cook. Can be used in medicine properties clearly Today we have summarized 7 benefits of garlic that can help.  ufabet 1. Relieve cold symptoms.  from ancient Thai medicine It has been stated that garlic has properties to help

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Oysters, male enhancement food Many delicious benefits

We often hear about the properties of oysters. That is often a food that enhances sexual performance. But did you know that oyster also have many health benefits as well? Oyster are classified as seafood that is rich in many important nutrients for the body. Many people like to

Kaeng Liang local food benefits beyond worth

I once heard that “a woman who has just given birth should eat Kaeng Liang. So that there will be milk for the little one? This is just a small benefit of “Kaeng Liang”, a local Thai food that has been with Thai people for a long time. If you look

Vegetables and fruits that sick people “should not” eat

Although fruits and vegetables are useful foods that many people recommend to eat a lot. But if a patient with certain diseases There are some fruits and vegetables that should not be eaten in excess. because it can make symptoms worse. ทางเข้า kidney disease Kidney disease patients