Point pattern on the face of the Nine Gae card

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Point pattern on the face of the Nine Gae card.

This form of nine-gae, as I said, will use 1 deck of cards, of course, there will be numbers and various symbols, with nine-gae online for real money at UFABET. Each number will have the same value as that number, except 10 JQK is valuable.

Equal to zero, A is equal to 1 point and the highest point is 9 points and special cards, Sian, Sort Tong, Nine-Ke online game , and sort the colors in ascending order. Or arranging 3 cards in the same suit is call suit. The last one is Sian, meaning 3 cards are cards in the JQK group. Which will have a value above 9 colored points and arrange. nine game online.

Point pattern on the face of the Nine Gae card

  • Web Kao Gae get real money, arrange cards from smallest to highest, including 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 JQKA.
  • Kao Gae online game, arranged in descending order of flowers, including clubs, diamonds, red hearts, black hearts.
  • Combined cards that learn from ascending to highest: Points, Colors, Sort, Sian, Straightfrus, Tong.
  • Kao Gae online, get real money, ordinary cards There will be a value according to that number except 10. JQK is counted as zero and the combined points excee 10. Cut off the digit 10 to leave only the unit digit as the highest value is 9 points. The highest valued card in that suit wins.
  • Nine games online , the same flower is giving 3 cards to fever with the same flower. Arrang in ascending order, this set of cards is superior to the 9-point card and can view from the flower alone, there is no counting on the card.
  • Sort is where the cards are arranged, such as 10 JQ.
  • Web Nine Gae get real money. Sian is 3 cards that are cards in the JQK group. In the event that different players have the same sound, look at the highest valued card of that suit. Whoever has the higher hand wins.
  • A straight flush is a hand of 3 cards in a row with the same suit.
  • Tong is 3 cards in hand with the same number, all 3 cards must be 3, the next highest value is Tong A.